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Professional Mediation:

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Business to Business Disputes

Agreement and Contract Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Family Mediation-

Elder Care /Family Disputes


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Mediation meetings can be onsite or by conference call. Our hourly fee is $130 which is typically split between both parties. Your first consultation is always at no charge.

B​usiness/Contract Disputes

Commercial litigation involving contract disputes, tort litigation, etc. can be extremely expensive and time consuming.  Robert Bond Mediation can provide extensive experience in the area of business that gives the participating parties insights and creativity that would otherwise not be explored.

Debt  Disputes

Robert Bond Mediation employs a professional problem solving technique  that tries to limit additional harm to the client/debtor relationship while resolving the debt dispute that both parties will appreciate.  A mediated debt resolution will save time and money.

Family Disputes

     Disputes that arise within a Family such as Elder Care can be handled with care and professionalism. Our collaborative approach will facilitate and foster a workable plan that allows the parties to move forward towards a successful future. Providing a foundation for optimism is our goal.